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We are a small, home based breeder of Portuguese Water dogs located in Mississauga, Ontario who offer quality puppies for sale raised from health tested, champion lines.  We hold long standing memberships with the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada, Portuguese Water Dog Club of America and the Canadian Kenel Club.  Charbr (pronounced sea harbour) is a CKC registered kennel dedicated to preserving the integrity of the PWD breed and educating the public about the remarkable qualities of this truly unique animal. Charbr is an acronym for Cindy, Henri, Arielle and Brennan, the human component of the 'Berube' pack.  

Our Portuguese water dogs are valued family members and we commit to developing  them into great canine citizens through life-long training and socialization.  In addition to being vital parts of our family, we train and participate in trials and competitions such as conformation showing, obedience, agility, rally-o and water work events.  

For independant and unbiased information about the PWD breed including health, temperament/compatability, activities, how to choose a breeder and more please visit the PWDCA and the PWDCC web sites as well as this video link.

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